Barbie Does It Again

Have you heard of Abby Wambach? Well if you haven’t, maybe you will recognize her from some of her awesome work on the soccer field.

Here she is scoring a goal for the Team USA-

abby giphy 4


And again here-

abby giphy 3

And here-

Abby giphy 2

And here-

Abby giphy 1

Abby Wambach is the number one goal scorer for the U.S. Women’s Soccer team. In fact she isn’t just the number one scorer overall for women, she is the number one scorer for women AND men. She recently retired, but not after helping lead Team USA to win the World Cup.

Basically, she rocks. And did I mention she is openly gay? Because she is. While this shouldn’t really matter in 2016, it does when I tell you this: Abby Wambach is now a Barbie.

abby insta

Source: Instagram

Just weeks after the announcement that Mattel would be offering Barbie in a variety of shapes, sizes, and skin tones, they announced the release of an Abby Wambach doll.

abby barbie

Who would have thought that after years of being chastised for promoting unrealistic body image and ideals to children, that Barbie would now be the company to lead the way in embracing diversity in females.

Good Job Mattel. But now I think it’s time to move on to Ken.

Ken Dolls

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Target Audience:








Florida Kids and Family Expo IMC

expo blog pic1


The Florida Kids and Family Expo is an event that is being put together and hosted by My Central Florida Family– an organization that strides to be a one stop informative shop for families to find activities, events, and opportunities in the Central Florida/Orlando area. The Expo will be an annual event featuring live entertainment, 150 exhibitors, interactive stations, and more, held at the Orange County Convention Center each fall (source). This year the event will be held the weekend of August 29th– 30th and will host exhibitors ranging from party venues to schools, health services to camps. Entertainment will include live animals, bounce houses, meet and greets, and more. My Central Florida Family plans to host an event that is interactive for kids and informative for parents, all for less than the cost of taking the family to the movies.

Target Audience

To market the Florida Kids and Family Expo is to market to all families, traditional or not, mostly in the Central Florida area, but really anywhere. This event plans to appeal to school-aged children (0-17 years old), and their parents, grandparents, etc. This event is not limited to any families of any certain income, or any families in any certain area, though it most likely will fit best for families in Orlando and the surrounding areas. The event also plans to market to businesses that have the same target audience and therefore provide goods and services to families in Central Florida. Marketing to these businesses is a win/win for My Central Florida Family because they can increase available information for families while the business can potentially increase sales.

  • Strengths: The Florida Kids and Family Expo is a one of a kind event in the Central Florida area. At this time there is nothing that can compare in size or in the amount of exhibitors. This is a huge strength for the event because they have the chance to create an annual expo that will bring together all the best businesses and organizations as a great resource for families. This can become an event that not only families will look forward to, but current and future exhibitors as well. Being able to pull from the great businesses that market with My Central Florida Family is huge and should help make this event stand out as organized and well thought out.
  • Opportunities: This expo has the opportunity to capitalize on being one-of-a-kind. Promoting a family-friendly environment with a fun, interactive, and informative atmosphere, and out of the hot Florida sun is a big deal. This year’s goal is 15,000 attendees, but if this grows each year over, the event has the opportunity to spread to other parts of Florida as well.

Why should Florida Kids and Family Expo use an IMC Strategy?

“Integrated Marketing Communications is a simple concept. It ensures that all forms of communications and messages are carefully linked together.” –

Having a strong IMC Strategy is key when putting together such a large event. If every channel marketing the expo is not on the same page, the message may come across as skewed or confusing and the event will look amateur and unorganized. A unified message will have a greater impact.

The blending of online and offline tools would provide the Florida Kids and Family Expo the ability to set themselves up so that it would be impossible for any future competition to stand a chance. I’ve already pointed out that being the first expo of its kind is a huge strength for Florida Kids and Family Expo, but it will be a strong IMC strategy that will keep them that way. Just like Dwight Griesman, Chief Marketing Officer at Forrester, stated- “it is not about bricks or clicks, but bricks and clicks” (source).Using traditional media (newspaper ads, radio ads, television commercials, billboards, etc.) as well as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and additional mass media efforts (banner ads, email blasts, flyers, etc.) with all the same message and branding will increase reach which should help increase ROI and hit the goal of 15,000 attendees.

The use of correct marketing strategies can make or break an event such as this. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make sure a strong message is sent out and received by the target audience. It’s more than just use of the same colors, but keywords and phrases, images, sounds, and overall feel of the campaign that make a message come across as well thought out and professional.

red hot

Incorporating face-to-face interaction at the Red, Hot and Boom celebration on the 4th of July will not only help market the Florida Kids and Family Expo, but will increase brand awareness for My Central Florida Family. By providing a small preview of what the future event will be, future attendees can be confident that this event will be worth their time and money.

Including mobile marketing as well as billboards and radio advertisements will only further promote the Florida Kids and Family Expo.The more people that hear about the company and their efforts to provide great information to families, the better social media sites, websites, and events including the Expo will perform.

My Central Florida Family and the Florida Kids and Family Expo have a lot of great things going for them. With a little TLC to their Twitter and Facebook pages, a set up at the Red, Hot, and Boom,  and the use of a few additional advertising techniques, they definitely have the opportunity to bring in the 15,000 attendee to their big event at the end of August.