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Frustrated by the limitations of Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, and YouTube, and inspired by German blog anarchaia and American tumble log Projectionist, David Karp created what soon would be the number one social media site for adults 18-29 years old. Tumblr, a platform for microblogs, was created in early 2007 as an aesthetically pleasing yet simple design for people to blog with text, photos, audio, or quotes. The best way to explain the site is a perfect mix between Pinterest and Twitter (source).

Appealing to a millennial audience, Tumblr is short form blogging that is very user friendly. It takes thirty seconds to sign up (literally!), and allows a user to instantly start following blogs, or begin blogging content themselves in a matter of minutes. The greatest thing about Tumblr is that if someone wants to remain completely anonymous, they can do so. Users can set their blogs to be private so that passwords must be entered correctly in order for outside users to read them. Screennames are offered at signup that are completely random and link in no way to a person’s identity. No profiles need to be set up, no information verified besides an email address, and no personal pictures attached. It is simply your username and whatever it is you want to share with the world, should you decide to do so (source).

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What makes Tumblr so unique is that it takes the best of other social media sites and combines them. This list below, created by The Content Wrangler, perfectly sums up how Tumblr is like the others, but better yet-

  • Like Twitter, Tumblr allows you to discover new content using hashtags.
  • Like Facebook, Tumblr encourages sharing by allowing you to like and reblog a post.
  • Like Pinterest or Instagram, images are huge on Tumblr. 78% of Tumblr posts are photos or images.
  • Like YouTube or Vine, video content is popular on Tumblr, where videos under 1 minute in duration outperform longer ones by about 40%.
  • Like WordPress, you can create blog posts and put them up on Tumblr, comment on other’s posts and follow someone whose blog you fancy.

The shorter the comment and the better the Gif is the way to become popular on Tumblr. The most popular posts are not wordy. And the best thing about Tumblr is that should you want to share your content on other social media websites, you can do that too!

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The most recent statistics I could find come from ExpandedRamblings.com, which state that Tumblr receives 120,000 signups each day of the year, generating 300 million unique visitors monthly, 900 posts per second, and 113.6 million posts per day. As of January 2015, the site has 217 million blogs and 99 billion posts.

SearchEnginePeople.com states that almost 40% of Tumblr users are under the age of 25, 52% are female, and 56% of the audience has some sort of college education. In 2013, Tumblr was acquired by media giant Yahoo!, who bought the company for $1.1 billion with the objective of expanding the site’s audience by 50% and increasing traffic by 20%. According to an article by Adweek.com, as of November 2014, despite rumored fear that Yahoo! would somehow make Tumblr uncool, the company had instead grown substantially since the acquisition. Monthly users increased to 400 million and the amount of user-generated blogs doubled.

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When Tumblr was launched in 2007, it only took two weeks for the site to gain 75,000 registered users, according to MIT Technology Review. In 2010, the site became mobile friendly, and by 2012, an app was created for Apple and Android phones. From 2012 to 2013 Tumblr’s mobile engagement alone grew 251% (source).

The site also is home to many big brand blogs, such as Adidas, Huggies, Elle, Travel Channel, and College Humor. Since follow, like, and reblog features are built in, the ability for good content to spread is easy and therefore offers a great opportunity for brands to gain awareness. Though Tumblr may work for several brands, it is not the social media site for all. Socialfresh.com put it perfectly when they said the following-

“Photos, videos, quotes and questions are the currency in the Tumblr ecosystem. A little attitude, edginess, and inspiration also plays very well amongst its members. The brands that have access to large amounts of this type of media are, not surprisingly, the brands that have embraced Tumblr the most.”

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Tumblr is a unique and highly effective social media site. It might not quite reach the numbers that Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have right now, but its quick growth is something that shouldn’t be ignored. The site offers the best parts of every other social media site, along with blogging and anonymity. The numbers simply can’t be ignored. Though some articles may report that Yahoo! overpaid or made a terrible acquisition, with time I believe that this platform will grow to be the biggest social media/blogging website of them all.

For additional fun facts about Tumblr, check out my short and sweet Prezi Presentation here!

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