Dear Travel Channel

Dear Travel Channel,

You have a lot of interesting shows out there with several great hosts, but let me tell you what you are missing- a show about music hosted by yours truly.

There are few things I love more in this world than music and traveling; therefore I would like to propose a brand new show in which I, Bethany Kilmon, take on the music festival world.

music fest pics

Why would this be a good idea?

Each year more and more music festivals pop up around the United States, bringing together a myriad of musical acts and the fans they attract. These festivals sometimes spread over the course of multiple days and set a line-up of artists that are bound to put on performances that concert-goers will never forget for the rest of their lives.

Each festival or concert-series offers a different theme, a different environment, or a specific genre of music to appeal to their target audience. For example, each year Miami hosts the Ultra Music Festival, a three day event that brings together the best djs and performers of the electronic music scene. On a 700 acre farm in Tennessee, Bonnaroo brings together over 85,000 fans to experience camping, nature, arts, and music. Both of these events are known to be “mind-blowing,” but in completely different ways.

But what is the show about?

As a girl raised in a rural town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I never had the funds nor the time and knowledge to experience any of these amazing festivals. As someone who still will most likely never attend half of these life-changing performances, I have a lot of questions. Who goes to these festivals? What do they wear? Where do they stay? Who do they come with? How do they experience the festival? Do they attend every year? Or just when they like someone on the lineup? And what about the music artists? How is the festival perceived through their eyes?

I want to travel the country and give viewers and fans an in-depth synopsis of each festival. I want to show them which festivals they shouldn’t miss, and which ones they might not need to worry about. I want to show off the music, the environment, the causes behind the festivals or concerts, and the fans.

Why me?

I am 25 years old, a lover of all music genres, and an easily-adaptable and social person. I love to travel, I love to dance, I love to camp, and I am willing and able to try new things. These events are about bonding with people who share similar interests and connecting with the music you love.

I would use social media channels to share all of the ins and outs with potential festivals goers or with fans who may not ever be able to travel. I would connect with the experts, and bond with the amateurs. I would show off the fashion. I would taste test the beer. I would crowd surf at one performance but lounge on the lawn of another. I want to show how every music festival is unique in its way.

So where should we start?

Here is a just a small list of music festivals that occur each and every year around the United States.

But never fear! There are music festivals that happen all over the world, and I am just the person to hop on a plane and check out  Norway’s Inferno Metal Festival or Australia’s Future music festival. lists all of the worldwide music festivals a girl could only dream of attending, and my Pinterest board is in constant growth of where to go, who to meet, and what to wear.

pinterest music fest

So let’s do this! I’ll pack my neon leggings, my daisy bathing suit, my cowboy hat, and my sunglasses. I’ll be the inside scoop, the social media coordinator, and the first person perspective for each and every music festival that this fine country has to offer. I’ll interview the fans, and I’ll interview the bands. It’s going to be “mind-blowing” and I can’t wait.


Bethany Kilmon

Future host of Travel Channel’s exclusive series about the what, where, and when of America’s Music Festivals.