and Marketing Strategies

With the interest of craft beers growing across the country, Dogfish Head Beer has to have a strong marketing strategy. Both online and offline, the brewery participates in both push and pull marketing strategies which helps to connect them to new consumers and fans.

Push Marketing

The number one way Dogfish Head Beer participates in push marketing is by setting up at festivals and events across the country and personally promoting their craft beers. Whether it be a beer and wine festival, a tap takeover, or specialized local event, the company will push their brand on new consumers by setting up, offering tastings, and making sure their signs are big, bold, and appealing. (See links for examples.)


Beyond events, Dogfish Head is available in beer aisles and bars everywhere, therefore they use signs and promotions, sometimes even sales and special taps, to make their brand noticeable. To stand out to new consumers Dogfish Head Beer has been sure to make their most popular beers available in more than just specialty shops. Grocery stores, liquor stores, and even gas stations across the country are likely to carry brand due to popularity.


Pull Marketing

Dogfish Head Beer uses their website and social media channels to pull in consumers and educate them on new products, events, and specials. When logging on to, a fan of the beer may sign up for an email newsletter, use the site to find where they can buy their favorite brew, or read an up-to-date blog. Dogfish Head Beer is active and engaging on Twitter and Facebook, having two-way conversations with consumers. When someone searches “Delaware Beer” on Google, is the first link to pop up, allowing them to market directly to consumers who may be searching for craft beer in the state.

google search


One thing Dogfish Head Beer is not is outdated. There is nothing worse than logging onto a company’s website and seeing that their banners are no longer relevant or their blogs haven’t been updated in months. As for social media, Dogfish Head has a strong marketing team that stays on top of events and comments so that daily responses, shout-outs, or promotions are being posted across all social media platforms. Social media channels can be found at the top of the website for easy access, allowing a consumer to see that the company is very much connected.


On, the “blogfish” seems to have a new blog post at least once a month, if not more often. These blogs are much deeper than what the company posts on social media. They provide more information, are easily read, and include links to additional sites or videos which also makes the posts very visually appealing.


Dogfish Head Beer prides themselves on being unique, and in their own words, “off-centered.” Their website is easy to navigate, but definitely shows off their quirky and creative brand. The style used on each beer’s artwork is also used across the website, and once familiar with this style it’s as if you don’t even need to see the Dogfish Head stamp to know something is related to the brand. Dogfish Head Beer has a very strong voice and it translate across all platforms, online and offline.

Dogfish Head Beer knows what they are about. Brand consistency is key, and this company seems to have no problem with following their gut feeling when it comes to advertising. Their website is not mobile at this time, and they could use a few more words to increase SEO, but overall Dogfish Head Beer seems to be growing consistently. Though one might think good beer could sell itself, the reality is it takes a bit of pushing, pulling, and a really decent website to make a brand remain memorable to consumers.