Walt Disney World hosts a variety of events each year that makes the magical theme park even more of a dream experience. From the Food & Wine Festival to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween, each event boasts additional excitement for anyone planning to attend at that time.

From March 4th through May 17th Walt Disney World’s Epcot will be hosting the 2015 International Flower & Garden Festival. Though I am far from ever being a social media specialist for Disney, below is my attempt at planning out the month of April for a few of Epcot’s social media sites (which means this list of posts is 100% hypothetical and should not be taken seriously).

Note: FB= Facebook post and Tw= Twitter post

Monthly Goal

This month our goal is to increase engagement with consumers as well as increase Twitter and Instagram likes by trending #flowerandgarden2015. Our objective is not only to drive guests to the International Flower & Garden Festival this year, but to share pictures that will increase engagement and drive new guests to attend in future years during this annual festival.

Week #1

Wed. April 1st

FB: It’s snowing! APRIL FOOLS! But Elsa and Anna are making quite a scene at this year’s International Flower & Garden Festival #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of Frozen topiaries)

Tw: We aren’t feeling foolish, but we are feeling Goofy…about Spring! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of goofy topiary)


Thurs. April 2nd

FB: There’s a (garden) snake in my boot! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of Woody topiary)

Tw: Too infinity and beyond! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of Buzz Lightyear topiary)

epcot buzz

Fri. April 3rd

FB: Did you know 2015 is the year of the Ram? #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of garden)

Tw: Kung Fu Punch is the perfect way to start the weekend #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of drink in China)

Sat. April 4th

FB: It’s the weekend!! What do you have planned? How about a trip to Epcot? You don’t want miss this year’s International Flower & Garden Festival.

Tw: What is your favorite treat at Epcot? #flowerandgarden2015

Sun. April 5th

FB: Hakuna Matata! (picture of The Lion King display)

Instagram: Name that Princess! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of Cinderella)

Week #2

Mon. April 6th

FB: This week we want to show off some of the AMAZING food Epcot offers during the International Flower & Garden Festival. First up, look at this delicious “Piggylicious” cupcake! Bacon, maple frosting, and pretzels! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of cupcake)

Instagram: A little sweet, a little salty, and BACON! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of cupcake)

epcot cupcake

Tues. April 7th

FB: Fruit Sushi? Frushi! You’ve got to taste this. #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of frushi)

epcot frushi

Tw: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, flight! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of tequila flight)

Wed. April 8th

FB: Did you know Epcot has a Pineapple Promenade? Bet you’ve never tried pineapple on your hotdog! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of Pineapple Dog)

Instagram: Florida fresh. #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of feast of flowers farmhouse ale)

Thurs. April 9th

FB: Looking to spice things up? You’ve got to try this ghost pepper-dusted tilapia with melon slaw. #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of tilapia)

Tw: Isn’t it pretty?! Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade (non-alcoholic) #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of lemonade)

Fri. April 10th

FB: Pistachio Baklava! The Taste of Marrakech can be found at the Morocco Pavilion, including this treat. #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of baklava)

FB: Young Men! And women… tonight The Village People take the stage. You don’t want to miss this! April 10th-12th #flowerandgarden2015

Instagram: Limoncello Panna Cotta. Need we say more? #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of limoncello)

Sat. April 11th

FB: Have all your gardening questions answered by the experts from 10a-4pm every weekend at the Festival Center #flowerandgarden2015

Tw: Do you like to garden?#flowerandgarden2015

Sun. April 12th

FB: It’s the last night to catch The Village People performing live as part of our Garden Rock Concert Series. Don’t miss it! #flowerandgarden2015

Instagram: Name that Princess! (picture of Aurora)

Week #3

Mon. April 13th

FB: Check out Miss Piggy! She sure does look good in green #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of Miss Piggy topiary)

Tw: Don’t miss @JonSecada this weekend 4/17-4/19 #flowerandgarden2015

Tues. April 14th

FB: Only one month left. Who is planning to visit? #flowerandgarden2015

Tw: You know you want one. #flowerandgarden2015 #magicband (picture of Frozen magicband)

epcot magicband

Wed. April 15th

FB: Loving the food? Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 3pm free cooking demonstrations will take place at the Port of Entry. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from Disney’s chefs!

Tw: Have you checked out the hands-on presentations on the Greenhouse Stage yet? #flowerandgarden2015

Thurs. April 16th

FB: If your best friend was one of the seven dwarves, which one would he/she be? #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of Snow White and the 7 dwarves)

epcot dopey

Tw: Do you love dogs? We sure do #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of Lady and the Tramp)

epcot lady tramp

Fri. April 17th

FB: Good food, great music, and beautiful gardens. Pack your bags and visit Epcot this weekend! #flowerandgarden2015

Tw: No weekend plans? It’s gorgeous at Epcot. Come visit! #flowerandgarden2015

Sat. April 18th

FB: Lightning McQeen wants you to check out the Cactus Road Rally #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of Cactus Road Rally)

Tw: Up and at-em! It’s a gorgeous day to pose with some topiaries! #flowerandgarden2015

epcot mickey minnie

Sun. April 19th

FB: Earth Day is April 22nd. What are your plans to celebrate? #flowerandgarden2015

Instagram: Name that Princess! (picture of Anna)

Week #4

Mon. April 20th

FB: Have you seen our mini gardens yet? #flowerandgarden2015

Tw: Shakespeare inspired us this year #flowerandgarden2015 #minigarden

Tues. April 21st

FB: Tomorrow is Earth Day! How are you celebrating? #flowerandgarden2015 #earthday

Tw: Let’s keep our planet beautiful. Earth Day is tomorrow! #flowerandgarden2015 #earthday

Wed. April 22nd

FB: Happy Earth Day! We have a special treat for you! Stay tuned for the unveiling of an awesome sand sculpture based on Monkey Kingdom. #flowerandgarden2015

FB: Ta-Da!! How awesome is this?! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of sand sculpture)

Tw: Happy Earth Day! Come celebrate with us! #flowerandgarden2015

Thurs. April 23rd

FB: Mike and Sully have themselves quite a Monstrous Garden. Check it out at Imagination Walkway and come play with us! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of monstrous garden)

epcot monsters

Tw: Don’t miss @theGuessWho this weekend 4/24-2/26 #flowerandgarden2015

Fri. April 24th

FB: When the sun goes down, our gardens light up! #flowerandgarden2015 (picture of illuminated gardens)

Tw: What do you know about monarch butterflies? #flowerandgarden2015 #butterfliesonthego

epcot butterflies

Sat. April 25th

FB: It’s Florida Fresh Weekend! Come learn why Florida is one of the top agriculture producing states in the country #flowerandgarden2015

Tw: It’s Florida Fresh Weekend! Come see demonstrations on the Fresh Epcot Stage #flowerandgarden2015

Sun. April 26th

FB: Are you excited for the new Disney-Pixar movie Inside Out? We are. And we have a garden to prove it! #flowerandgarden2015 (movie preview included)

Instagram: Name that Princess! (picture of Belle)

Week #5

Mon. April 27th

FB: There aren’t many days left! Don’t miss out! The 2015 International Flower & Garden Festival ends May 17th! #flowerandgarden2015 (link to information)

epcot flowers

Tw: This weekend is the Hibiscus Show! Who plans to be here? #flowerandgarden2015

Tues. April 28th

FB: Monday-Thursday Twinings of London is hosting an English Tea Garden Tour at 3:30pm and 5:30pm. We’re positive you’ll love it!

Tw: Tea tours?! Yup. We’ve got those. #flowerandgarden2015

Wed. April 29th

FB: We’ve got prehistoric plants that are sure to rock you’re world #flowerandgarden2015

Tw: Don’t miss @TayloreDayne this weekend 5/01-5/03 #flowerandgarden2015

Thurs. April 30th

FB: Don’t forget to stop by the Festival Center Shop to snag some awesome Flower & Garden Festival-themed merchandise! #flowerandgarden2015

Tw: There is so much to see! Good thing we offer tours #flowerandgarden2015 (bit.ly to Epcot Gardens of the World Tour info)

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