Barbie Does It Again

Have you heard of Abby Wambach? Well if you haven’t, maybe you will recognize her from some of her awesome work on the soccer field.

Here she is scoring a goal for the Team USA-

abby giphy 4


And again here-

abby giphy 3

And here-

Abby giphy 2

And here-

Abby giphy 1

Abby Wambach is the number one goal scorer for the U.S. Women’s Soccer team. In fact she isn’t just the number one scorer overall for women, she is the number one scorer for women AND men. She recently retired, but not after helping lead Team USA to win the World Cup.

Basically, she rocks. And did I mention she is openly gay? Because she is. While this shouldn’t really matter in 2016, it does when I tell you this: Abby Wambach is now a Barbie.

abby insta

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Just weeks after the announcement that Mattel would be offering Barbie in a variety of shapes, sizes, and skin tones, they announced the release of an Abby Wambach doll.

abby barbie

Who would have thought that after years of being chastised for promoting unrealistic body image and ideals to children, that Barbie would now be the company to lead the way in embracing diversity in females.

Good Job Mattel. But now I think it’s time to move on to Ken.

Ken Dolls

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Facebook, the News, and the Future

What contribution do you think Facebook will make to news in the next 5 years?

Today, anyone who logs into their Facebook account on a computer is able to view Instant Articles, a compilation of topics and news stories that are currently trending on the social media website, as seen below. For now, this feature is not yet available on the mobile app, and I can only imagine this push will be happening sooner rather than later as people stray from desktops to mobile only.





As for the future of news on Facebook, I trust that Facebook will only continue to develop greater applications for journalists to not only research news topics, but share. I would not be surprised for the side bar that now lists the Instant Articles to grow to include videos from the original journalists who have broken such stories.

On Facebook and Instagram mobile applications, users scroll past sponsored posts daily. I think Facebook would be smart to start to include short compilation videos of trending news stories, whether locally, nationally, or globally, as well as these random sponsored advertisements.

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Are traditional news publishers losing control? Does Mark Zuckerberg have too much power?

I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg is looking to take over as the number one provider of news, but instead I think he is trying to develop tools that allow Facebook and Instagram users an even better opportunity to stay connected to the world around them. News publishers still have power, as long as they choose to adapt to how people are ingesting stories today.

Is Facebook the digital age’s answer to the printing press or TV transmitter as a means of distribution?

Times are changing, there is no denying that, but I don’t think you can write off print, television, and radio quite yet. Maybe it is because my first job out of college was working as a marketing assistant for a company that produced traffic reports in Washington D.C., but I always think about the times where people are not able to be plugged into a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Making breakfast or dinner for a family is when a television might be playing with the local CBS affiliate, and commuting an hour to work on the highway is probably when the local ABC station broadcasts news, weather, and traffic reports. While digital may be the most popular way to distribute news to an audience, it should not be considered the sole answer to distribution.




Will the “snackable” nature of Facebook content lead to less news consumption or a greater awareness of what is happening in our world?

I will admit that because of Facebook, I feel that I am much more aware of events happening in our world. Even special interest stories that may not be in my immediate area sometimes catch my attention and allow me to learn something new. Whether searching or stumbling, content shared on Facebook really can make a difference to a person when they take the time to soak in the information. The world becomes smaller online when so many people are able to connect and share stories and photos, but a smaller world isn’t always a bad thing.




I think the term “snackable” is a perfect term to describe the stories users come across, but I think this content is educating people, therefore bringing more awareness.


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