A Catchy Headline, An Engaging Tweet

WPTV Tweet.png


Above is a tweet posted from WPTV, a local news station in West Palm Beach. The tweet links back to the news station’s website where the short article is posted. Though the story is actually from Hurricane, Utah, this tweet definitely grabbed my attention because of the subject matter. Having lived in Florida for the past four years, I have come to accept that off-centered news usually originates from the Sunshine State. While the family that pressed the remains of their grandfather into bullets and had a celebration at a shooting range is actually from the West Coast, it is this type of uncommon behavior that I expect from Floridians.

The story posted to WPTV was short and sweet, skipping on thorough interviews or expanded information on how common this act of remembrance is for Utah, or any other state for that matter. While I would have preferred a bit more substance, I do think the headline, and the tweet, was definitely attention grabbing. Invoking curiosity and emotion, this tweet definitely accomplished it’s goal. The must-know information was presented, leaving the rest of the story to cover less important facts and background on the family, just as the inverted pyramid of journalism suggests it should. I think this technique is very common, as this story, even short and to the point, still followed that method of writing.

While I have never written news articles or taken journalism classes, I know that the headline is the most important part of any story. Until Twitter expands their character count, the headline becomes the post for most social media shared news articles. With social media it is not only getting a person to read the article, they must click the link, and sometimes even another link beyond that first page. The idea is to keep a person clicking, reading, and engaging. Without a catchy headline a story won’t get the shares, likes, or comments that the writer is aiming to receive.


Source- https://twitter.com/WPTV/status/686201036709715968

Target Audience- MMC6725 classmates and professor

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