Dogfish Head Beer

For one of the many business classes I took in college, I was instructed to read the book “Brewing up a Business” by Sam Calagione. For anyone who has any spark of entrepreneurial spirit, this book is very inspiring. It is about Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head beer and brewery, and how he started his business. Since that moment, I became a big fan of Dogfish Head, and it didn’t hurt that the beer is good too.

DFH logo

Growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Dogfish Head brewery and the accompanying restaurant and pub is not too far away in Delaware. The company is celebrating it’s 20th year in business this year, and having always stuck to an “off-centered” brand, their presence on social media is no different.

Active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ , Dogfish Head Beer uses each social media channel to increase brand awareness, celebrate accomplishments, and promote local events. This year, the company is launching a campaign on Facebook in which they “turn back the clock” on the 20th of each month to not only celebrate the 20 years the company has been around, but inform the public of some of challenges and accomplishments they have encountered over the years.


For Twitter, Dogfish Head Beer remains a constant participant in conversation with their fans and consumers. Their engagement and light-hearted tweets definitely keeps them true to their brand. They remain very active, tweeting at least once a day, and replying to almost every tweet a fan tags them in. This constant engagement has helped them to have reached over 215k followers since 2008.


On Instagram, I love getting to see the pictures that the company posts. Dogfish Head Beer is very community oriented. A few months ago they hosted their annual Dogfish Dash, a race to benefit the Delaware Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. They use all social media channels to spread the word and after the fact, they celebrate the amount of money that was raised, just like below.

dfh instagram

For Google+, Dogfish Head Beer keeps their post very business friendly, promoting open positions in the company and new flavors being released. On YouTube, the company promotes their “off-centered” side, quirky and fun videos that show that they love their products, love their jobs, and love their community as well. Another way Dogfish Head keeps fans in the know is by offering an email newsletter that can be signed up for on their website. Beyond online, the craft beer is made available all over the country, and chances are if you look around at your local bar you are bound to see a sign, a tap, or a coaster with the Dogfish Head logo stamped on it.

Dogfish Head Beer is a brand you should know if you love craft beer, or a brand you should look up if you love a strong company that prides themselves on being non-corporate and fun. Their social media channels are only one of many ways they spread brand awareness and connect with their consumers and fans all over the country.



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